In a shocking move, the Toronto Maple Leafs have reportedly traded two young talents; Bernier and JVR will be finding new homes. The two players both had stellar 2013-2014 seasons and were expected to be major pieces in Toronto’s future. The 3-team deal will send both players packing with the expectation that Roberto Luongo will be making a return to Canada. The other team remains anonymous. More details to follow.


New details have come forward in this deal that will shake up the entire league. Toronto will receive Luongo and a 2016 first round pick from Edmonton. Flordia will be getting a lot more firepower with Edmonton sending Taylor Hall. Edmonton is receiving JVR from Toronto as well as a conditional first rounder from Florida.

A deal like this will change the power structure in the NHL. Toronto has picked up a consistent star goaltender and the potential to get another high draft pick with Edmonton’s recent struggles. Florida comes out the best and with there cap room they will be able to offer Taylor Hall a max extension at the end of the season when he becomes eligible. Edmonton continues to rebuild and will have a tough year once again, but with JVR locked up long term they have a good position to build.

-Pierre LeBrun ESPN