Barca To Sign Arsenal Stopper Szczesny For £65millions

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2013 La Liga champions FC Barcelona is set to sign Arsenal’s Polish goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny (23) for £65millions. Club’s manager Gerardo Martino is reported to be in Warsaw, Poland to complete the signing.

Martino said “Yes, we are here for the Szczesny deal, but I watched Poland Nationals’ training session last 2 days. And I’m very impressed by Lewandowski as well. We’re going to make an offer Lewandowski while signing Szczesny. Hoping to return home with 2 great Polish talents.” Meanwhile Szczesny’s rejecting to make comments, the transfer news have made it to headlines on Spanish media.


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The Los Angeles Lakers have agreed in principal to acquire Kevin Love and Russel Westbrook sources tell ESPN.Here is a breakdown of the trade

Will Hack Lies About Veteran Presence

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On the Midwest Battle Royale tournament page, Former Michigan State beater William Hack recently proclaimed that he had been playing quidditch longer than he really had.

“That moment when Krystina Marrie and myself are the longest-tenured quidditch players at this tournament,” Hack said. “We were playing quidditch before y’all even learned what a quaffle was.

Fellow midwest player Daniel Shapiro then chimed in, asking if Hack had played since 2009.

Hack, not having been on Emerson, LSU, or Middlebury stated that he had not played since 2009.

Shapiro learned what a quaffle was in 2009 after reading “Quidditch craze hits colleges” “Quidditch craze hits colleges” by ESPN’s Page 2.

This thus debunked Hack’s claim that he had been playing since before others learned what a quaffle was.


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Klodian Duro: If Albania Qualifies for the World Cup, Skela, Lala, and I Deserve to Get Called Up

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My name is Fatmir Boshnjaku, and I am new writer who mainly focuses on Albanian football, particularly their National Team.

Recently, I was able to catch an interview with a former player (Klodian Duro) of the Albania National Team, and I am here to share the discussion I had with this player.

During an interview I had with Klodian Duro, he stated that if Albania qualifies for the World Cup 2014, he believes Skela, Lala, and himself deserve a call-up from De Biasi, the coach of the Albania National Team.

Duro said:

“Skela, Lala, and I have played many hard and long years for Albania. We kept this team alive. We went through many managers, tough groups, and other obstacles; however, we always gave it 100 percent and made the team more entertaining to watch. Over time, we finally had to take a break. But if Albania qualifies and goes to Brazil, we are ready to play and should get a call up from De Biasi. It is only fair for us to finish what we started. This new Albania team got lucky with their current group, and it is very difficult to stay back and not participate in what we should be a part of.”

After that very bold and strict statement, Duro and I broke the tension by laughing at a humorous joke he made:

“I would also like a free vacation to Brazil. My family and I can use one. We are getting sick of Durres.”

There is currently no word from Coach De Biasi. But with their strong relationship with Armand Duka, the head of the Albanian Football Association, it is very possible that Skela, Lala, and Duro will make their return to the Albanian National Team. Kaçe, Abrashi, and Vullnet Basha will likely be the players to step back to make room.

Thank you for reading, and I am very happy to share my first article with Albanian fans all over the world. Une Besoj!

Not in the Cards: NCAA Overturns Louisville Women’s Historic Upset of #1 Lady Bears

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The NCAA today issued a statement that, following a review of the tapes from last night by the NCAA Officiating Oversight Committee, the result of last night’s historic upset by the Louisville Lady Cardinals over the previously top-ranked Baylor Lady Bears was being overturned due to egregious errors committed by the referees during throughout the game.

“We watched the tape and it was just clear as day,” said director of officials Mike Hunt. “The officials were simply failing to do their jobs, and we won’t allow that to rob the greatest women’s player of all-time of a chance to play for a national championship.”

When asked whether Kim Mulkey’s outburst following the game had anything to do with the decision, Hunt said, “well, have you met Kim? I can’t say that I want to be on her bad side.”


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On the verge of signing his huge contract, which could have potentially made him the highest paid player in NFL history, the Green Bay Packers and the Oakland Raiders have come to a trade agreement for Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers will receive a 1st and 2nd round draft pick this year and a 1st and 2nd round draft pick in next years draft.

Updates will be posted throughout the day.

Iceland Forfeits Their Previously Earned Three Points Against Albania

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On October 12th, the Iceland National Team earned a significant 3 points against Albania in the World Cup 2014 Qualifiers. Group E contains many lower tier teams, so football fans around the world will be in for a surprise during the World Cup in Brazil.

Due to numerous speculations, FIFA organized tests to perform on the players of the Iceland Squad. The test shows evidence of several Iceland players using illegal drugs, such as steroids.

FIFA has yet to decide on a punishment. Their two options are:
(1) Forfeit Iceland from the qualifier, along with their points; and omit all Iceland’s results from the Group E Table
(2) Allow Iceland to continue their qualifier, but force Iceland to forfeit all their previously earned points. A win or loss against Iceland, the Group E table will be adjusted so that every team that played Iceland so far has earned a win.

Albania could very well be looking into heading into the World Cup 2014 Brazil. This would be Albania’s first entrance to a major tournament. Cyprus has also significantly increased their chances of making a World Cup 2014 appearance.

Tornado Dan and Google Spotted!!

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Former porno stars turned drug lords, Tornado Dan and Google Fries were recently spotted at an all male resort trying to avoid authorities in Canada and the USA. Ramón and Carl who were relaxing at the resort recognized Google from the local newspapers being run in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. Carl residing from Nova Scotia of course knows Tornado Dan personally. He didn’t indicate how personally though. Before authorities arrives the duo had split after their cover was blown. It’s believed that they may have boarded a raft headed for San Francisco. Details to follow on this developing story.

Rams trade Sam Bradford to Jets

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In a stunning move on Tuesday, the St. Louis Rams have traded quarterback Sam Bradford to the New York Jets for Mark Sanchez and a second round draft pick in 2013. According to coach Jeff Fisher; “We are moving in a different direction offensively, and the cap space this frees up will allow us to sign seven new players.”