The Golden State Warriors: Where bench players turn stars

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The Golden State Warriors have a promotion going this year as you know. They Guarantee that one of your scrub players can drop 25 on them. Just ask some of there satisfied customers.

Shannon Brown: It just feels great to play the Warriors. I mean Im a guy that averages like 5 points a game but thanks to the Warriors I can drop 27 and feel like an actual NBA player.

Sasha Pavlovic: Man it just felt great, especially because im white. Im a white NBA player and I scored 17 in a game vs a real actual NBA team. I mean my mom doesn’t believe me neither does my dad but this is still a great accomplishment to me.

Mickael Pietrus: God playing the Warriors is like having sex with Jessica Alba. You will score a lot. Trust me I scored.

Brian Cardinal: I scored 2 points vs the Warriors. Im fat, Im white and Im single. This is the accomplishment of a life time: THANK YOU GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS.

DeShawn Stevenson: Man oh man I love the Warriors. Tonight I had a season high 1 point vs them. Man I was excited when I made that sexy ass free throw. I actually got to wave my hand in the air like a douche bag. Thank you golden state Warriors. I no longer have to youtube my high school career to remember what myself making a shot looks like.

Louis Amundson: I frolic around like a little girl wearing a pony tail during an NBA game and I scored 8 points vs this team! *queer girl giggle*

Steve Novak: I scored 3 points against this team. However scoring is not normal for me. So I was scared to shoot again because I didn’t want to lose playing time. Thank you Golden State warriors.

Has your teams local scrub played the Warriors? Be apart of the promotion now!

Eddy Curry Back to the Bulls

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The Knicks made a desperation move Wednesday. They traded Eddy Curry to the Bulls for a bag of basketballs and 2 unpretected first round picks in 2013 and 2014. The Bulls signed the basketballs to a 1 year 10 million dollar deal and immedietly traded them to the Knicks. Out raged fans over whelmed Donnie Walsh with questions on why he would make such a trade. Donnie Walsh immedietly shut down the fans…

“What would those draft picks have practiced with? We don’t have any basketballs, how are we going to practice?”

Maybey the Knicks not practicing has lead to their poor play as of late. They are currently 14 games under 500.

Eddy Curry was asked to comment.

“Ima have a triple double tonight.”

Obviously Eddy Curry is not happy about the trade and wants to take revenge tonight when the Knicks play the Bulls.

-By Bano114.

James for Wade: Deal Almost Done

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MIAMI — The Miami Heat acquired Lebron James and Shaquille O’neal from Cleveland on Tuesday, a seven-player deal that strengthens them for a playoff run and signals the breakup of a disappointing Heat team.

The Heat dealt guard Dwyane Wade and center Jermaine O’neal, and two other players to the Cavaliers. Miami also got guard Delonte West and cash considerations.

Miami president of basketball operations Pat Riley called trading Wade, who had spent his entire career in Miami, an “excruciating decision.” But couldn’t pass up the chance to bring James, a six-time All-Star, to a team he acknowledges has been sputtering.

“James is kind of probably more of a conventional fit and a better fit of us,” Riley said. “It’s never easy. You’ve got to give quality to get quality. We just got the pieces that are better fits for us at this particular time.”

Wade was in his seventh season with Miami, a span filled with promise and disappointment since being the 29th overall pick in 2003. O’neal, signed by Miami last summer, will be going to his fourth team in 11 NBA seasons.

It is a significant move for the Central Division-leading Cavs (43-11), a deal announced just 3 days after All-Star activities who saw both superstars shine.

Miami lost five of its seven games before the All-Star break, and plays four games in five nights starting Tuesday in Oklahoma City.

“It makes us significantly better,” Heat owner Erik Spoelstra said.

The Heat (26-27) expected to contend for a playoff spot and instead have endured a miserable season that made it likely they would be active in slashing payroll before Thursday’s trade deadline.

AP freelance writer Rich Dubroff in Miami contributed to this report.

Chris Paul to Lakers for Farmar and Mbenga

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This just came in – New Orleans Hornets all-star point guard Chris Paul has been traded to the Los Angeles Lakes in exchange for Jordan Farmar and DJ Mbenga plus cash considerations.

More details on Sportcenter 9 PM eastern time.

Caron Butler: “I want a trade back!!”

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Wizards SF Caron butler has reportedly demanded a trade back. He thinks the Wizards got treated unfairly and demands to be traded back to the Wizards to make this trade fair. “I mean this isn’t fair to the Wizards organization, to trade a great player like me and receive not so great players like the ones the Wizards receiving? This is unfair. I also want to demand that Gilbert Arenas is unsuspended and the Wizards can begin giving away guns at home games.” Butler later added that he likes Texas because its the only thing bigger then his dick.


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Official breaking news is that Southern California resident Joshua Rodriguez was declared world’s greatest athlete late last night. After a grueling series of voting, Joshua headed toward a landslide victory. His devilishly good looks, and charming magnetic charisma was just overwhelming to all judges involved in this series of voting. Cigars for all! The world has now rejoiced over this. There will be peace in the middle east at long last! More to come….

Dirk quits Mavs: “No Josh, no dice!”

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Dirk Nowitzki has left the Dallas Mavericks and refuses to return because his best friend and confidant Josh Howard was traded over the All Star weekend.

LBJ – King of the Knicks 2010-2011

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Knicks Record: 33-49

LBJ: “Kobe ain’t got nothing on me, it’s not about winning it’s about stats!”

Submit Your Own Headlines!

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BSPN believes in double checking our sources, which is why we have an open submission system! Anyone can post literally anyone, as long as it involves:

Lebron, LBJ, Lebron James to the Knicks, Lebron James wears Yankee cap, Lebron James spotted with Jay Z (in NYC), Lebron James pisses in nyc bathroom, Lebron marks territory etc.

Go on! Submit!!!