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Bengals WR, AJ Green, has been placed on the teams IR list after a suffering a torn ACL during practice Friday morning. Details are soon to follow.

Vikings Adrian Peterson out with torn ACL

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ESPN’s John Clayton reports that Vikings star running back tore his ACL in pre-game warm-ups and is most likely out for the season. Peterson, who has been riddled with injuries his entire career was looking for another huge year.

Johnny manziel suspended for 10 weeks

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Johnny manziel aka johnny football was suspended for 10 weeks in the NFL regular season for making a twitter post saying
“Who tf needs the nfl yolo” manziel is planned on making 95$ at the end of the 2014-2015 season

Mike Tomlin to give Le’veon Bell expanded role

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Although Le’veon Bell has hit some bumps so far this preseason, Coach Mike Tomlin has committed to Bell for this season. Tomlin said, “He is my guy, he carried us last season and I expect more from him this season”. Last season Bell gained 1259 yards from scrimmage and scored 8 touchdowns in only thirteen games played. Tomlin also said “I think Bell has earned an expanded role in our offensive attack. I want to give him at least 25-30 touches per game”. Coach Tomlin has had his eye on bell ever since college; “Bell is such a dynamic player I fully expect him to be a top five running back this year.” LeGarette Blount is expected to be used behind Bell this season.

Zac Stacy Tears ACL at Rams Training Camp

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Zac Stacy was carted off the field today at Rams training camp after sustaining a hit from defensive back Avery Cunningham. Stacy remained on the field grasping his knee, and was eventually carted off by trainers, including Thomas Arnold, who said “ham cheese turkey” regarding Stacy’s injury and recovery time

2014-15 NBA Schedule Leaked

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Yahoo! Sports has obtained the finalized 2014-2015 NBA regular season schedule.

Toronto Raptors Acquire Kevin Love

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In a 4 team deal between the Lakers, Raptors, Timberwolves and Warriors the Toronto Raptors were able to get Kevin Love.


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Germany’s goalkeeper Manuel Neuer caught having sex with male lover!

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Spectators reported that Manuel Neuer the goal keeper for Germany was having intercourse with what seem to be his male lover. FIFA has not made a statement due to the publicity during the World Cup soccer games in Brazil. More news soon to be announced after the Argentina and Germany game this Sunday at 6 GMT.

Carmelo Anthony joins Chicago bulls with 5 year 78m contract

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Small forward carmelo Anthony sings with Chicago bulls July 12 with 5 year contract