is dorrick rase ded?!?!?

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after the fatal playoff game back in spring, rase was qiestioned his toughness after the gaem, we haven’t seen rase play yet, multiple sources believe he may be ded.

LeBron James Retires

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Press Conference later today

Gregg Popovich: “Mexican culture will always be a Spurs tradition”

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Gregg Popovich has never been a big fan of speaking with reporters during games, and that clearly is not going to change in his 17th season as head coach of the San Antonio Spurs. On Wednesday night, TNT’s David Aldridge caught up with Popovich just before the fourth quarter of the Spurs game against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Per usual, Pop was in no mood to talk.

Aldridge asked Popovich if he was happy with his team’s shot selection in the third quarter, and things got awkward in a hurry.

“Happy?” Pop responded. “Happy?’ Happy is not a word that we think about in the game. You gotta think of something different. Happy, I don’t know how to judge happy. We’re in the middle of a contest. Nobody’s happy.”

As Ball Don’t Lie pointed out, the Spurs had just given up a 15-5 Thunder run to close out the third quarter and turned what was once a 61-51 San Antonio lead into a 66-66 tie. Popovich was likely in a better mood after Tony Parker hit a game-winning jumper, but there was nothing Aldridge could have asked that wouldn’t have annoyed him. His wife may not like the way he treats sideline reporters, but you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Kardashian Unsatisfied with Sex Life

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There seems to be an answer to Lamar Odom’s lack of “performance” over the last couple of seasons. In an interview with GQ magazine, Kim Kardashian stated that Lamar Odom is “Underwhelming in bed” and “Lamar refuses to pee on me anymore before sex”.

Afterwards, Ms. Kardashian admitted to finding playgirl magazines and pictures of Delonte West banging Lebron’s mom under their bed. Lebron’s mother’s parts were whited out and Delonte’s penis was highlighted with pink and blue marker.

Unfortunately, unless this issue can be resolves soon, we can expect Lamar to live in the past, namely his days with the Lakers, when he would watch Steve Blake and Ron Artest take showers.

Dwight Howard announces he’s sign with the Rockets after season

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Dwight Howard announced on Wednesday that he plans on signing with the Harden led Rockets after the season.

Andrea Bargnani traded to Denver for kosta koufos

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The Denver Nuggets have known for weeks that they had the option of sending Kosta Koufos to the Toronto Raptors in a deal for forward Andrea Bargnani.

In a deal first reported by ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher, the Raptors agreed to trade Bargnani to the nuggets for Koufos

The deal also calls for Toronto to get the league’s maximum allowed in cash considerations ($3 million) and for the Denver to land a conditional first-round pick to come sometime between 2013 and 2017. It’s lottery-protected, essentially meaning the first time the Raptors make the playoffs after this season, their first-rounder goes to Denver.

Gay marriage now legal, superbowl in store for The Cowboys?

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More news at 11 PM eastern

Mets after Hamiltion

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The New York Mets are reportedly ready to make a splash in free agency this offseason and are going after outfielders Josh Hamilton and Cody Ross.

Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports reported the following about the Mets offseason plans:

The New york Mets aren’t content with being one of baseball’s under achieving teams of 2012. This winter, they plan to pursue the biggest free agent hitter: Josh Hamilton…

New York also has some interest in free-agent outfielder Cody Ross, the source said. Ross would be a cheaper option than Hamilton and had success in the American League East with the Boston Red Sox this year.


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Lebron tears ACL and MCL out season and playoffs

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Miami — Miami heat Forward Lebron James suffered a torn ACL in his left knee and will miss the rest of the season, the team announced Wednesday. Team medical personnel immediately rushed out and tended to James for several minutes as he was writhing in pain near the baseline before helping him to the locker room. James was taken to the hospital, where MRI results confirmed the Heats worst fears. That trevor thomas is a retard.