Ronaldo Career Threatening Injuries

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The Portugese superstar known as Ronaldo may have played his last soccer game not to long ago. Late Wednesday night Ronaldo has been found with career threatening injuries from a major car accident in Madrid.Ronaldo is lucky to be alive and will be in the hospital for a very long time. The portugese superstar may never play soccer again.

BREAKING: Yankees extend Swisher for 7yrs, $117 million

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By Wallace Matthews |

In a surprising move, the Yankees have agreed with outfielder Nick Swisher on an incentive-laden 7 year contract.

Earlier in the season, Swisher, who made $10.25 million last season, was said to be seeking “a Jayson Werth contract,” referring to the outfielder who was given a seven-year, $126 million deal by the Washington Nationals in 2010.

Swisher batted .272 with 24 home runs and 93 RBIs for the Yankees in 2012, but like many of the team’s regulars, he had a horrendous postseason, with five hits in 30 at-bats and 10 strikeouts in eight playoff games.

More to follow…

NHL offically cancels season.

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11:51 11/8/12-AP After weeks of delay, and ever after meeting for several days of what some thought was a positive deliberation Gary Bettman officially cancels the 2012/2013 NHL season. “We are at impasse, we know what number we have to work with as do the players. Unfortunately we cannot find an equal ground.”

Donald Fehr, of the players union and who has spearheaded these negations was visually upset at the news. “This is a bad day for the NHL and a worse day for the NHL fans.” Fehr was quoted as saying. “We have have negotiated in good fail but we feel the NHL has not.”

One inside source, who wanted to remain anonymous said” They are not even remotely close on an agreement. The negations are going so poorly that games next season could be in danger as well.” Please stay tuned as this story continues to develop .

Blockbuster Trade Between Manchester City And Manchester United

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Breaking news Manchester City has officaly annouced a trade with Manchester United trading Sergio Auergo and Mario Balotelli for Robin Van Persie. Trade has been announced early Thursday morning and is set to be confirmed by late Thursday afternoon.

BLOCKBUATER DEAL: Man United flips Van Persie for Balotelli and Aguero

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Manchester United has sent Striker Roben Van Persie and the rights to 19 year old keeper to prospect James Kiliuk, in exchange for Manchester City Striker Balotelli, and forward Aguero. Deal is set to be confirmed Thuraday afternoon.

Krishan Chawla reveals his darkest secrets.

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For many weeks now, people have been questioning Christians Koala’s true intentions for one Justine Bieber. And on November 7th, 2012 it was finally revealed. As first reported by ESPN’s Alexander FU chong Wu, Christian Koala was caught on tape having inexplicit video intercourse with one justine bieber. When asked to comment on the evidence, all Christain Koala could do was answer “No comment” in the slyest of ways. More details to follow.

Los Angeles Lakers acquire all players in NBA

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Los Angeles
(Reuters) – Speaking at a press conference today, Los Angeles Lakers President of Basketball Operation Mitch Kupchak announced a deal whereby all current NBA free agents will be signing with the team for the veteran or league minimum contracts. In addition, the entirety of the players on the rosters of the other 29 National Basketball assocation teams will be acquired via various trades.

According to unnamed sources, Commissioner David Stern’s attempts to block the acquisition “proved futile,” and Stern himself came out publicly via a faxed public relations statement at three in the morning, which was unformatted and read “anybody who was good at basket[ball] is a fucking Laker. Deal with it.”

Golden State Warriors owner Joe Lacob, who approved a deal sending his team’s entire 15-man squad to Los Angeles in exchange for a first-and-second-round protected draft pick in 2018 and Laker season tickets reportedly in the “lower bowl tier,” called the trade “possibly the best we’ve ever made.”

The announcement also comes with a small change in future scheduling by the league office, where the remainder of the NBA franchises will be consolidated into a single “New York Generals” unit which will compete against the Lakers in an 82-game national tour, followed by the elimination of the playoffs in favor of a “local charity dribbling exhibition” and a ceremonial awarding of the Larry O’Brien Trophy to Jerry Buss each year.

Asked about the significance of these events, team captain Kobe Bryant shrugged and commented, “it was on the table for awhile.” Dwight Howard, long rumored to be on the move from Orlando but without any official destination until now, added that he didn’t want to go but “they said franchise centers don’t have a choice.”

Though the Lakers practice facility is immediately undergoing plans to be expanded to the site of the L.A. Coliseum and will accommodate roughly 400 players per session, reports are that former Laker Adam Morrison’s attempts to add his own name to the list remain blocked.

Asked about future plans, Kupchak commented that the team is also “looking into” acquiring franchise rights to the career and total achievements of past NBA legends like Michael Jordan and Bill Russell, though they are currently unconfirmed.

Raptors going for playofs

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Im a btich team

Calderon Traded for Ender Arslan

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This just in.

Andy Reid out as coach, Foles to start vs. Dallas

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